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The Primary Class

Welcome to our classroom!

Teacher: Ms. Jeanene Crawson

The goal of our Primary Class classroom is to provide young children with foundation skills and a passion for learning. A theme-based, multi-sensory approach is used to meet the needs of students and make learning fun. Children are immersed in an environment which focuses on academic, social and emotional development. The curriculum provides academic opportunities for students to:

  • Develop literacy skills focusing on phonics, reading and writing, and communication. (English Language Arts)
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills focusing on mathematical concepts related to numbers, shapes and patterns. (Math)
  • Develop inquiry skills, which are used to make observations and explore the world around them. (Science)
  • Gain an understanding of themselves and the world in which they live. (Social Studies)

Students will also develop social and emotional skills. Children will learn self-help techniques which will promote independence and confidence. Through play, children learn to be part of a group and work together. Our teachers provide individualized opportunities for each child to grow, and encourage students to become lifelong learners.


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Wild About Science

Woodhull Elementary School primary students in Jeanene Crawson's class had the chance to take an up-close look at a rare animal when BOCES environmental educator Jennifer Cressy introduced them to a live gecko.

During the full-day session, the students explored the school’s surrounding environment, focusing on the classification of living and nonliving things. As part of their studies, students also examined a live turtle, a live baby chicken and various plants, in order to determine what makes a living thing alive. Students also created their own leaf rubbings and terraria.



Educational Fair

Upon completing the schoolwide unit, "How We Express Ourselves," Woodhull Elementary School students, staff and parents participated in an educational fair designed to showcase lessons learned throughout the study.

During the event, the gymnasium was transformed into a fairground, decorated with student work and featured the Woodhull scholars draped in costumes relating to particular projects or performances. To visually and theatrically display the lessons learned, students performed the stories of John Henry, Medusa, The Little Red Hen and Julius Caesar. Adding to these were informative stations displaying holiday books and science projects completed by students.

The program concluded with a series of sporting events. To the sound of Leo Arnaud's "Bugler's Dream" performed by school band musicians, students carried an artificial torch around the gym to symbolize the Olympic Games. They then competed in several races and contests of might, including several "chariot races" where they transported groups of individuals across the gym and back.




Fire Prevention

In celebration of National Fire Prevention Month, students in Karen McNulty's grade 1-2 class participated in an educational program with Ocean Beach Fire Department volunteer firefighter Jason Bendicksen.

Mr. Bendicksen, who is also a bus driver for the district, appeared in full gear while instructing students in basic fire safety. The class discussed how to prevent fires in their homes and what to do if a fire occurs. In a hands-on component of the presentation, students tried on parts of Mr. Bendicksen's gear and learned how it functions in fighting fires. Following the presentation, students wrote personal cards to Mr. Bendicksen, thanking him for his presentation and for his bravery in serving the community.

Exploring the Environment

Woodhull Elementary School students are learning about the world around them in a hands-on way through their participation in the building’s environmental education program.

The school’s prekindergarten/kindergarten class recently studied animal and human responses to seasonal changes in weather. They discussed the different forms of weather, the four seasons and the types of clothing humans wear during each. Additionally, they learned about weather instruments and had the chance to make a windsock and rain gauge on what was a very rainy day. Throughout the study, the class also learned about characteristics and adaptations of local animals such as turtles, foxes and rabbits.




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