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Teacher: Ms. Bianca Hansen


Students in the Fire Island art program utilize a variety of media, found both in new objects and recycled materials from their surroundings, as well as multisensory materials such as clay, plaster craft, tempera, watercolor and building elements, as tools for expression when engaging in the creation of art.  Students are encouraged to seek inspiration from the study of art history, as well as the rich traditions of the world’s cultures, and to see and appreciate art in their own immediate environment.

The early experiences students have while creating art have been shown to have a profound impact on their approach to lifelong learning. With continued creative discovery, children learn how to think critically, solve problems and better express themselves. 
”All children are artists” - Pablo Picasso

Current News

Ocean Beach Kids Art Show

Ocean Beach Kids Art Show Pic
On July 22, Woodhull 5th grader Jack Brennan participated in the Ocean Beach Kids Art Show, featuring art work he made from his past year at  his school as well as some pieces he had recently done with the Art  group at the Ocean Beach Youth Group. Jack¹s work was awarded a 1st  place! This honor included an invitation to show his work at the Adult  Fine Arts Show on August 12. Jack made some new items to show there,  and the Jack Brennan Art Studio was founded. Special thanks does go  out to Woodhull art teacher Bianca Daidone for all of her guidance and encouragement!