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Health Services


Janet LaViolette, FNP-BC
school (631) 583-5626
cell (631) 478-8528


A child's ability to learn is influenced by his/her health status; a child who is not healthy is unlikely to be alert, attentive and ready to learn. It is essential that the professionals who are working with children in our schools be expert in the assessment, planning, and management of the multitude of problems that students may encounter. Our School Health Service program provides a comfortable setting for collaboration with other school staff in addressing the health-related needs of students. This positive relationship helps manage simple to complex healthcare and family needs in order for students to be able to think, concentrate and meet academic objectives.

The Fire Island School District Health Service Program, consisting of health education, school health services and a healthy school environment, is designed to focus on health promotion and disease prevention, presenting health information that is relevant and responsible, and the early detection and correction of health problems. The delicate balance between the student, parent, school and community all play a vital role in the success of the program, and ultimately, the student.





Peaceful Earth Celebration

Woodhull Elementary School helped to mark Earth Day 2016 by clearing the beach of refuse and fashioning a sculpture from their found objects with the help of school health services director Janet LaViolette.

The students visited the area bay and ocean beaches and found relatively little to clean up – a testament to the community's responsible practices – but still managed to build a peace sign from what they did find. The sculpture commemorates both Earth Day and nurse LaViolette's annual "peace project," which has produced beautiful student-made sculptures that have adorned the school property and surrounding communities for nearly a decade.





Making Moves for Military Families

Woodhull Elementary School students and staff participated in a program called “Move It! for Military Kids” during the week of Oct. 19.
The idea was created by the Military Child Education Coalition to bring about awareness of the challenges these children face in their daily lives with moving, transition and family separation.

School nurse Janet LaViolette coordinated the weeklong initiative at Woodhull, which featured a different activity for each day of the week. These included a hula hoop contest, a “mystery hike” and yoga with Superintendent of Schools Loretta Ferraro.

The cause was near and dear to the Woodhull community, as roughly half of the school’s student population comes from the Babylon Coast Guard station.