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Physical Education

Teacher: Ms. Anna Bainbridge

The Woodhull School Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education programs encourage psychomotor learning in a play or movement exploration setting.  Our program ensures safe and successful physical education opportunities for all students.  Physical education includes: physical fitness, motor fitness, fundamental motor skills and patterns, aquatic skills, dance skills, individual and group games, and sports – including lifetime sports.  Recent trends in physical education incorporate activities that introduce younger children to lifetime activities at an earlier age in order to develop good habits that will carry into adulthood.




Winning Kicks

Woodhull Elementary School’s Sports Club kicked off its season with an away basketball game against Emanuel Lutheran School in Patchogue on Jan. 27.

Sporting brand-new uniforms, all 16 players of the Woodhull Gulls were given a chance to play throughout the hourlong game, ultimately scoring more than 40 points to defeat their opponents. Highlights included several downtown shots by fourth-grader Lucas Bejarano and a successful half-court toss from sixth-grader Tobias Heslin at the buzzer, concluding the game.

In attendance to support the team were intermediate class teacher Gabrielle Donovan as well as many parents. Coach and physical education teacher Anna Bainbridge was very pleased with the students' teamwork. The Gulls look forward to this season’s upcoming games.






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