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The Elementary Class

Welcome to our classroom!

Teacher: Ms. Shannon Rickard

The Elementary Class students are provided with meaningful, thought-provoking activities based on the requirements of the New York State Core Curriculum standards. Our focus is to encourage and develop inquiring, problem solving, knowledgeable young people through reading, writing and technology, as well as across other curriculum areas. We encourage students to become active participants in their learning environment by developing the ability to self reflect, take risks and explore new ideas.

A variety of teaching methods and resources are used to meet the requirements of the state curriculum.  Students work independently, as well as in pairs and groups, to create a collaborative working environment and promote effective learning. Lessons and units of study are designed to meet New York State English Language Arts Learning Standards in reading, writing and speaking; Our students are able to write about a range of topics and have background knowledge that will help them with the challenges of upper elementary school and beyond.  The NYS Math Curriculum includes conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and problem solving. Our social studies curriculum encompasses the history, geography, economics and governments of world communities and New York State in particular.   The science curriculum covers the topics of Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science and Space and Technology.


Specials Schedule

Phys. Ed.
Phys. Ed.
Music - lessons
(gr. 4)

Phys. Ed.
Music -
band rehearsal
(gr. 4)
Music -
ukulele ensemble
(gr. 3)

Phys. Ed
Phys. Ed.





Educational Fair

Upon completing the schoolwide unit, "How We Express Ourselves," Woodhull Elementary School students, staff and parents participated in an educational fair designed to showcase lessons learned throughout the study.

During the event, the gymnasium was transformed into a fairground, decorated with student work and featured the Woodhull scholars draped in costumes relating to particular projects or performances. To visually and theatrically display the lessons learned, students performed the stories of John Henry, Medusa, The Little Red Hen and Julius Caesar. Adding to these were informative stations displaying holiday books and science projects completed by students.

The program concluded with a series of sporting events. To the sound of Leo Arnaud's "Bugler's Dream" performed by school band musicians, students carried an artificial torch around the gym to symbolize the Olympic Games. They then competed in several races and contests of might, including several "chariot races" where they transported groups of individuals across the gym and back.




Rules for the Digital Generation

Woodhull Elementary School third- and fourth-grade students in Shannon Picinich’s class created a commercial illustrating the importance of class rules, a project inspired by David Shannon’s book “David Goes to School.”

Leading up to the production, the students brainstormed traits that make for a good student and used those traits to develop rules. Each student illustrated David as a cartoon character and chose rules for him to follow. The class then used an iPad to film the commercial and edited the footage with iMovie. Parents viewed the finished product on Open School Night.


Exploring the Environment

Woodhull Elementary School students are learning about the world around them in a hands-on way through their participation in the building’s environmental education program.

Third- and fourth-grade students learned about genetics and inherited traits by examining spider plants that were seeded from different sources and identifying and recording differences in their traits. They also learned about inherited traits in animals and will further this study by raising trout in a classroom aquarium later in the year



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