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The Early Elementary Class

Welcome to our classroom!

Teacher: Ms. Karen McNulty

In the early elementary years, we know that every child learns at his/her own rate. The goal during these years is to provide children with as many opportunities to learn as possible. We respect that each child is an individual and may learn in a different modality than another. In our classroom, we try to foster an environment that supports each of these learning styles.  We would like every child to leave our classroom with not only their academic skills in place, but also the skills that foster good citizenship at home and at school. It is very important that young children have a learning environment that gets them excited about learning, promotes individual thinking, independence, good social skills, and responsibility enabling them to be both teacher and learner in a multiage classroom.

Throughout our day we have many learning opportunities:

Math skills are taught daily. We work on key concepts such as place value, addition/subtraction, multiplication, fractions, time/money, graphing/probability and problem solving.

Science focuses on three standards: Life, Physical and Earth Sciences.

Social Studies curriculum focuses on who and where we are in place and time and how we express ourselves.  We also explore how the world works, how we organize ourselves and how we share the planet.

Reading and writing skills happen on a daily basis. In writing we follow the writing process. We brainstorm, draft, revise, edit and publish. Throughout the year we will write paragraphs with main ideas and supporting details. We will also write informative/explanatory texts, narratives, poetry and engage in various shared research projects.

 In reading, we focus on strategies such as grade level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding, responding to literature and identifying stories and their features. We work in shared reading groups and in individual groups to make connections to the texts we read.


Specials Schedule

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Phys. Ed.
Phys. Ed.


Growing Learning Experience

Following the adage that daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is an integral part of leading a healthy lifestyle, students at Woodhull Elementary School recently started growing their own garden.

Earlier in the year, Woodhull PTA member Melissa Adams raised the idea of having a school tower garden for use in PTA Lunchbox Parents activities and the initiative was implemented this spring for this purpose, as well as for use in the school’s health and science education.

Tower gardens use aeroponics to grow plants in a vertical configuration using only water, light and air. The growing time for tower gardens is less than the traditional amount of time for plants in soil. Each plant grows in its own "net pot" and the 5-foot-tall tower can accommodate 27 individual plants at once.

Woodhull's tower literally sprung to life in a matter of days with a variety of leafy greens, including kale, Swiss chard, arugula, celery, cilantro and basil budding. The tower is housed in the school cafeteria and students take part in the planting, growing, harvesting and, of course, eating of the items grown.

With the help of school health services director Janet LaViolette, Karen McNulty's early elementary class recently harvested the greens from the tower to make a delicious salad that everyone enjoyed





Educational Fair

Upon completing the schoolwide unit, "How We Express Ourselves," Woodhull Elementary School students, staff and parents participated in an educational fair designed to showcase lessons learned throughout the study.

During the event, the gymnasium was transformed into a fairground, decorated with student work and featured the Woodhull scholars draped in costumes relating to particular projects or performances. To visually and theatrically display the lessons learned, students performed the stories of John Henry, Medusa, The Little Red Hen and Julius Caesar. Adding to these were informative stations displaying holiday books and science projects completed by students.

The program concluded with a series of sporting events. To the sound of Leo Arnaud's "Bugler's Dream" performed by school band musicians, students carried an artificial torch around the gym to symbolize the Olympic Games. They then competed in several races and contests of might, including several "chariot races" where they transported groups of individuals across the gym and back.





Studying the Environment

First- and second-graders in Karen McNulty’s class at Woodhull Elementary School recently participated in a special environmental education study.

The students toured an exterior section of the school, recorded observations in their nature journals and visited interactive learning stations in the classroom, each of which provided experiences with one of the five senses.

As part of the project, the students also acquired a baby box turtle as a class pet. They will monitor the turtle’s growth throughout the year as part of their ongoing study.


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